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An Essential Jaipur Travel Guide 2021 – The Magical Pink City of Rajasthan

If you’re heading to Jaipur to start your Rajasthan adventure, you’re in for a real treat as this is where your journey into India will really begin!

My heart always gives a little flutter when I start to see the first glimpses of the pink city in Rajasthan from the train window heading out of Delhi.

Well, although it’s nicknamed the pink city, it isn’t really pink. The buildings are actually more of a peach or orange colour.

But, it’s beautiful all the same. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and it’s a busy, bustling city which is spread out over the old and the new.

The old side definitely has more culture but the new also provides some of the 21st century comforts like shopping malls, bars and clubs etc.

It can be quite a maze finding your way around, so here is an essential first-timers Jaipur travel guide to the Pink city (which isn’t pink lol)

How to travel around Jaipur – the best ways to see the Pink City

As a lot of attractions are spread out in Jaipur it’s best to hire a Tuk-Tuk (petrol rickshaw), Tam-Tam (electric rickshaw) or Taxi for the day.

The going rate for a full day (8 hours in a Tuk or Tam) is 500 rupees. For a taxi you’ll be paying 1600 rupees.

Uber also works in Jaipur so this could be an option if you’re wanting to only head to a f.iehw lplaeces.DDDeDelDelhDelhi

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