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PRV Rentals takes pride in being completely transparent with our members. Here is a comprehensive list of fees for certain scenarios after you have created your reservation.

Note :

Payments owed by members will be deducted from the security deposit. If the security deposit does not cover such payments, the balance must be paid by the member electronically. 

*Please note there are four cases where there will be exceptions:

  • In the event the member is found to be under the influence of alcohol during a booking, the member will be held liable for 100% of the vehicle damage bill as per the invoice received from the vehicle workshop.

  • The member will be liable for 100% of the entire vehicle damage bill in the event that the vehicle workshop and/or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature (this will be clearly stated in the accident report). Consequential damage occurs when the member continues driving even after an external vehicle impact, thereby severely undermining the condition of the vehicle.

  • In the event a non-PRV Rentals member is found to be the one driving at the time of accident, then the member will be held liable for 100% of the vehicle damage bill as per the invoice received from the workshop.

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, only SUV vehicles are permitted for trips to regions having higher altitudes including but not limited to Leh or Ladakh districts in Jammu & Kashmir. Damages caused to the vehicles except falling under SUV (Ecosport, Scorpio, XUV, Tata Safari, Toyota Fortuner) category will attract charges viz; damages fees of ₹ 10,000 along with repairs cost, towing cost, travel cost of representatives of PRV Rentals and other related charges, if any on actual basis.

Member's Responsibility :

If a PRV Rentals member is violating the law or PRV Rentals rules, for example by overspeeding or driving drunk, the member will be responsible for all damage, liability, and fines and could face legal action.

Tolls :

  1. Members are responsible for paying all tolls at the time they are due.

  2. PRV Rentals vehicles are registered with an All India Permit, allowing the vehicle to enter any state in the country.

  3. Members must pay all inter-state taxes and fees upon entering into a neighbouring state. PRV Rentals shall reimburse the State entry fees only in the event when the Member pays for the duration of 3 months or more.


By joining PRV Rentals, the Member agrees to pay PRV Rentals the costs, charges, fees and expenses set out in the Agreement, including specifically and without limitation those set forth in this schedule. The following is not exhaustive and other specific fees, costs and charges may apply. Other applicable costs will be communicated to the Member. Capitalized terms used in this schedule shall have the same meaning assigned to such terms in the Agreement.

PRV Rentals reserves the right to change the terms of this Policy from time to time and shall give notice of such changes to the Member in a timely manner. Notice to the Members shall be considered given when such notice is indicated and accessible from the first page accessed after the Member log-on to the PRV Rentals website, or by email to the Member's email address provided to PRV Rentals in the Member's application or most recently provided to PRV Rentals. Member agrees that the amended terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be effective and binding the earlier of (1) the effective date indicated in such notice; or (2) on the date posted on PRV Rentals website.

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