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Now, Attach your private car with PRV Rentals

Does your car that sits in the garage for months, upsets you? Are you looking for a method to get your car back on the road while making a generous amount of money? And you must be wondering – where should I attach car to company or attach your private car? Where should I attach my private car in India?
Well, your quest ends here! We, India’s most trusted PRV Rentals enables you to attach your private car in our rented network. You can become a partner with PRV Rentals through our online private car attachment feature and get a chance to make lucrative earnings. Do not miss the opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur with car attachment. Our private car attachment service is a great option to attach your private vehicle. We enjoys a huge surge of customers looking for bookings in travel, outstation, one-way, round trip, weddings, events and any ceremony pick and drop from all over India. 


PRV Rentals is a valid option for everyone looking for Private car attachment or personal car attachment. Doesn't matter if you attach a private car , attach a personal car, we ensure daily customers that suit your service. Our Attach Your private car rental service is an online; hence it offers:

  • Outstation car rental service

  • One way car rental service

  • Attach my car for outstation

  • Six sitter car Attachment Service

“We” also offers car attachment in travels for better gains and long-term service relationships. Our car attachment service has several features that make it unique from other car rental vendors. The features include:

  • Guaranteed more trips

  • Seamless app-based platform

  • 0% negotiation on ride amount

  • 24/7 business service for partners

  • Customizable and flexible working hour

  • Availability of same day cash payment

  • Choose your ride based on your preference

  • Regular booking rental services

  • Outstation pick and drop rental services

  • Local car rentals

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