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Our Story

We always love to connect the vehicle to the family get together. PRV Rentals always find together.

About Us

PRV Rentals.Just book the trip with us without wasting extra charges

PRV Rentals, Leasing & Sales began its vehicle rental operation in 2021. The first of several locations was in Bangalore, BLR. Today, we continue to expand across the New Delhi area and beyond with new locations and a fleet. Our fleet now consists of more than forty-five different vehicle types encompassing a wide range of private cars, outstation cars, Luxury cars, and Bikes. We are a Delhi based company, but our vehicles travel throughout the country. Our customers range from individuals and small business to Fortune 100 Companies. Our commercial clients include contractors, industrial companies, oil and gas refineries , government agencies , service companies, schools, churches, caterers, florists, hotels, and hospitals. We sincerely thank all those customers who have helped PRV Rentals, Leasing & Sales be successful and we look forward to serving you in the future!

Our Company Headquarters

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